Healthcare Advocacy Is What We Do

Healthcare Advocacy is one of the hottest topics in Healthcare today. We’ve been doing this for our clients and their families at LifeSpan Care Management for over ten years now.

Here’s some of the things we’ve learned over the years:

  • Customer service in healthcare is terrible! How often have you called a doctor’s office and not gotten a real person to answer the telephone during business hours, AND you get directed to go to an emergency room!
  • Long waits in a doctor’s office do not mean that that doctor is a good doctor. It means that the staff is unorganized and is double or triple booking. The overbooking generally results from patients not showing up to appointments because they don’t value the service or how they are treated at that office.
  • If a person at the desk at the doctor’s office is rude, it’s the doctor’s fault. The doctors set the tone of the office, and influence the culture of the office more than you would think. If the doctor’s staff is rude to you, you have the wrong doctor.
  • Health Providers (doctors, therapists, Assisted Living Facility sales representatives, home health agencies, etc.) only tell yon what they can do or can’t do. They don’t give advice as to what can be done when their service does not fit your needs. If you or your loved one encounter such a situation, you need independent (read “health advocate”) counsel by an expert who knows how the system functions so as to assist you to meet your specific needs.

That’s what LifeSpan is here for, that’s our Mission.

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