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Gov. Christie Expected to Sign Legislation Opening Door to Quality Telehealth Services

Telehealth-2Telemedicine legislation headed to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s desk would, among other things, enable physicians to use telehealth technology to establish a doctor-patient relationship, ensure the same standards of care as an in-person visit, and ensure coverage and payment parity for private payers, state Medicaid and some other health plans.

With Christie’s expected signing of the bill, New Jersey will be one of the last states to formally adopt definitions of both telemedicine and telehealth and to set guidelines for their use.

The new law establishes telemedicine as a platform that uses interactive-real-time, two-way communication technologies. The bill also calls for the establishment of a seven-member Telemedicine and Telehealth Review Commission within six months of passage.

Read the full mHealth Intelligence article.

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Drug Interaction Cheat Sheet For Eldercare Professionals

ISenoirs_w_RXt’s not easy to remember how each new drug prescribed for a patient interacts with other drugs they’re already taking. Many drugs prescribed for elderly patients can cause problems when over-the-counter medicines are introduced.

My newly updated “Drugs and the Elderly Cheat Sheet” is designed to help professionals keep track of the potentially dangerous affects of combining commonly-used drugs. It also provides possible symptoms that could reveal important information a patient might not think to share.

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Drugs & The Elderly Cheat Sheet

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How To Assess An Aging Loved One’s In-Home Safety

FREE Evaluation Tools to Determine What’s Best For Your Entire Family

Aging-ParentMost people prefer aging in place. But, if an elderly person scores too high on an Elder Care Needs Evaluation, caregivers should reconsider how safe it is for their loved one to live at home.

Accidents can quickly transform a person’s ability to function, so it’s best to proactively manage your loved one’s living situation. Finding the right home for your loved one as his or her functioning diminishes is crucial to maintaining the highest quality of life.

If your family prefers to keep a loved one at home where they are most comfortable and familiar with the environment, families must recognize that despite the obvious benefits, there are also many added responsibilities.

To keep an elderly parent safe at home, a caregiver must be knowledgeable about their family member’s health history, chronic diseases, related risk factors and medication regimes. It may also become necessary to alter the living space to better fit a loved one’s evolving needs, and to be extra attentive to any changes in functionality.

We offer two FREE assessments for families and their aging loved ones in our Lifespan Care Management report. These evaluation tools are useful in determining the most appropriate level of care for an aging loved one’s needs.

  • Elder Care Needs Evaluation is a screening tool designed to determine the best living arrangements.
  • The Aging Crisis Questionnaire is a self-assessment that helps families understand the kinds of problems they should anticipate and prepare for.

Use these FREE tools to find out if your family or your loved one needs additional support. Afterwards, you’ll be better able to determine the level of care that appropriately fits your needs today.

The FREE Lifespan Care Management report also outlines various care agencies available to the elderly depending on their ability to function and unique needs.

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Before You Take Anti-Depressants, You Should…

DepressionAccording to the World Health Organization, depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide.  For decades, drugs like Celexa, Paxil and Prozac have been the go-to treatment. Evidence shows that up to half of the people taking antidepressants don’t benefit much and sometimes not at all, and that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) should be the first line of defense.

Antidepressants can lead to a daunting list of side effects that range from dizziness and diarrhea to thoughts of suicide — all of which could be avoided or delayed.  Read the full Consumer Reports article for tips about dealing with depression without meds.

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5 Ways To Renegotiate Medical Bills

Insurance Companies Do It, You Can Too

dollar-943738_640Twenty percent of working-age adults with insurance say they’re struggling with medical bills. Whether it’s because of a high deductible, an out-of-network charge or an uncovered procedure, you can take steps to bring down the price you pay. Consumer Reports offers these 5 tips for renegotiating with healthcare providers.

Read the full article.

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