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Drug Interaction Cheat Sheet For Eldercare Professionals

It’s not easy to remember how each new drug prescribed for a patient interacts with other drugs they’re already taking. Many drugs prescribed for elderly patients can cause problems when over-the-counter medicines are introduced. My newly updated “Drugs and the Elderly

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How To Assess An Aging Loved One’s In-Home Safety

FREE Evaluation Tools to Determine What’s Best For Your Entire Family Most people prefer aging in place. But, if an elderly person scores too high on an Elder Care Needs Evaluation, caregivers should reconsider how safe it is for their loved

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Before You Take Anti-Depressants, You Should…

According to the World Health Organization, depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide.  For decades, drugs like Celexa, Paxil and Prozac have been the go-to treatment. Evidence shows that up to half of the people taking antidepressants don’t benefit much

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5 Ways To Renegotiate Medical Bills

Insurance Companies Do It, You Can Too Twenty percent of working-age adults with insurance say they’re struggling with medical bills. Whether it’s because of a high deductible, an out-of-network charge or an uncovered procedure, you can take steps to bring down the

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Brain Pacemaker Holds Great Promise

Researchers Now Know Timing Is Everything After decades of study, researchers have refined the process for using electrodes implanted in the brain to stimulate memory.  This pacemaker for the brain holds tremendous promise for dementia patients, people with head injuries or

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