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Care Management

LifeSpan Care Management (CM) is a professional service that specializes in providing comprehensive care management solutions for aging individuals and their families. LifeSpan CM offers expertise and support in navigating the complexities of the healthcare system and helps develop personalized Plans of Care.

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Aging in Place with Family

Aging in Place

Does your loved one want to age peacefully at home? Aging in Place may be the solution for older adults living in their homes for as long as possible, rather than moving to a nursing home. It allows seniors to maintain their independence, comfort, and familiarity within their communities while receiving the necessary support. Care management plays a crucial role in supporting aging in place by providing assistance and coordination of services. 

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Plan of Care Assistance

Plan of Care

When faced with the need for additional care for an elderly family member or friend, it can be difficult to determine the best course of action. A plan of care begins with a concerned family member or friend reaching out for a phone consultation. An initial assessment in evaluating the older adult’s situation and addressing any family concerns. This assessment plays a vital role in developing a tailored plan of care for your elderly loved one. A plan of care provides families with guidance and assistance for future care.

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Geriatric Care Manager

Case Management

Case management is a key component of elder care that aims to ensure the provision of optimal care for your loved one. LifeSpan CM offers Case Management services that unite all aspects of the patient’s healthcare and quality of life. 

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Expert Witness

Expert Witness

Expert witnesses in care management and healthcare disputes offer their expertise and opinions based on their extensive knowledge and experience in healthcare areas. LifeSpan CM can provide expert testimony in legal proceedings, arbitration, or mediation related to care management or healthcare-related conflicts or disputes.

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