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Chronic Care Management in Manchester NJ: Geriatric Care and Help

With 74% of residents in Manchester NJ over 65, LifeSpan CM has seen an uptick need for Care Managers and Case Managers in Ocean County.

What is Chronic Care?

Chronic Care Management (CCM) involves the coordination and provision of healthcare services for individuals with chronic conditions over an extended period. It aims to improve health outcomes, enhance patient engagement, and reduce hospital admissions. 

Improved Health Outcomes:

CCM aims to enhance health outcomes by providing proactive and continuous care to individuals with chronic conditions. Regular monitoring and management help prevent complications and improve overall health.

Enhanced Patient Engagement:

Through care coordination, patients are actively involved in their healthcare. This may include regular check-ins, personalized care plans, and educational resources, fostering a sense of empowerment and engagement.

Reduced Hospital Admissions:

Effective chronic care management often leads to a decrease in hospital admissions. By addressing health issues early and managing them appropriately, the need for emergency or acute care can be minimized.

Cost Savings:

CCM is designed to be a cost-effective approach to healthcare. By preventing complications and reducing emergency room visits, it can contribute to overall cost savings for both individuals and the healthcare system.

Community-Based Care:

Chronic Care Management often involves community-based services and resources. In Manchester, this could include local clinics, support groups, and outreach programs that cater to the specific needs of individuals with chronic conditions.

Technology Integration:

The use of technology, such as telehealth and remote monitoring, is often a part of CCM. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals in Manchester, allowing them to access care more conveniently, especially if they face challenges in transportation or mobility.

Holistic Approach:

CCM typically takes a holistic approach to healthcare, addressing not only the physical aspects of a condition but also considering mental health, lifestyle factors, and social determinants. This comprehensive approach can positively impact the overall quality of life for individuals in Manchester.

How to get Geriatric Care in Manchester

In Manchester, NJ, family members seeking geriatric help for their loved ones can take proactive steps to ensure comprehensive care. They can contact local healthcare providers and senior centers for guidance and resources, connect with social services and support groups, explore home healthcare services, and consider financial assistance programs. Consulting with geriatric care managers and legal/financial advisors specializing in elder law can provide valuable assistance. Additionally, utilizing telehealth services for virtual consultations is beneficial for seniors with mobility challenges. An essential solution is considering case management services, which offer comprehensive coordination of healthcare, social services, and support for the elderly. By combining these resources, family members can navigate the complexities of geriatric care in Manchester, ensuring their loved ones receive the necessary assistance and support.


The specific implementation and impact of Chronic Care Management may vary based on local healthcare infrastructure, resources, and community. In Manchester, LifeSpan CM can assist in managing healthcare insurance, community connections, and individuals in need of tailored chronic care services. Contact us today and get a Plan of Care.